What Is Life :- Is Like An Opportunity

What Is Life?.Life an Opportunity and This Opportunity Is Received All In The Same Way And Anyone Who Uses It Correctly.He Goes On Growing In His Life.

  • For This, You Have To Be Self-Sufficient And The Right Way To Be Self- Sufficient Is That You Know Yourself Who You Are And What Can You Do In Your Life.That Should Be The Real Way.
  • Every Mistake Happens In Life. But No Mistake Is So Big, That Can Dominate Your Life. Just Remember That There Are So Many Mistake In My Life That Is Not Bigger Than My Life. No Mistake Is So Large That It Can Not Be Forgiven. If Mistake Happen Then Learn From It. Because What Will Happen That You Become Stronger With Your Mistake Gradually And They Get Stronger Inside From Inside. This Two Things Will Happens Only When You Learn. So, “It Is Important To Learn”
  • That Come From Us. Which Are We Troubled By Thinking About The Old Mistake — “Learn From It” . So,  Do Not Do Repeat The Mistake You Have Made. “That Is Important”.
  • I Do Not Have The Knowledge Of This Things And I Did It Right Thinking And That Went Wrong – “So, This Is Not A Mistake

One Word Defination:-

  1. Life Is A Gift :- “Accept It”
  2. Life Is A Adventure :- “Dare It”
  3. Life Is A Sorrow :- ” Overcome It”
  4. Life Is A Tragedy :- “Face It”
  5. Life Is A Duty :- ” Perform It”
  6. Life Is A Game :- “Play It”
  7. Life Is A Mystery :- ” Unfold It”
  8. Life Is A Song :- “Sing It”
  9. Life Is A  Opportunity :- “Take It”
  10. Life Is A Challenge :- “Meet It”

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