Problem And Adventure – Take Every Problem Is Like An Adventure.

Hello Readers! Thanks For Appreciating My Previous Article. It Was Really Motivated Me To Move Ahead. I Hope You Also Like This As Before.


Today I Am Co-relating Betweens Two Words Problem And Adventure.

Every Person Facing So many Problem In Their Day To Day Life. And The Way Is Solving It Is Diffrent.

And Adventure Means Doing Something Daring In View Of The Many People but In My Point of View Doing Daring Is Adventure But Apart From This Taking Every Problem Is Like An Adventure  Is Also a Adventure … 


Does Every Adventure Starting With Problem? Does Every Adventure  Is Like An Problem In Beginning.

By Falling Frequently and Then Try Again From – “Is Not This Adventure”. 

Did You Do Any Work And You Failled In That. And Find That Solution – “Is Not This Adventure“.  There Is Nothing As Fun In This World.

If You Understand It As Adventure Genunine. So All The Trouble Will Be Small For You.And Do Not Understand The Problem As An Adventure. And Be Afraid Of Problem, So What I’ll Happens In This Situation . The Power To Understand Your Thinking Will Be Reduced In Such A Circumstance And It Will End. And As Soon As You Understand It Is Like An Adventure Then What Will Happens  That Your All Problem Will Become Smaller Gradually.


Fell Down And Stood Up Again And Then Got More Excited. “Is Not This Adventure”.

What Is The Growth Without Problem? What Does The Growth Means From Inside?. There Is A Problem “Solving It” . This Is The Growth And That Is The Real Life.

There Are Some Things That Are Not Possible In Life.

Thousand Of Things Are Such That You Do Not Like , But You Still Have To.

Suppose You Do Not Have An Interest In The Accounts At All, But If You Are An Interpreneur And Then You Will Have To Learn An Accounts.

Now There Is A Different Way Of Thinking.

The Diffrent View Is That You See It Under A Problem And Get Stuck.
The Second Is That You Make It An Adventure And Solve That Problem.
If You Think I Will Not be Able To Do This Work. And Still I Am Trying And Yet I Can Do That Work.

The Most Important Things Is TO Learn. The Person Who Can Learn Anything,That Can Do Anything.

Anything That Can Do , Anything Can Get. Is There Anything That They Can’t Get.



The Topic Behind Problem And Adventure Is That In This Going Generation , Most Of The People Are Loosing Their Confidence And Patience Easily. And Then Commeting Unecessary Thing In Their Life. And Making Their Family Life Is Like A Hell.

So, As Per As My Suggestion, To All Such Type Of Person. Please Don’t Do Any Of The Things That Cause You And Your Family Do Suffer.

One Things More, That Should Be Care While Doing Anythings . That Is Never Care On Other Person That What They Are Doing And What They Are Talking About You. You Just Focus On Your Aim And Contineously Do Work Hard Without Thinking About The Result. Because If You Do Struggle Then You Will Deffinetely Get Success One Day.

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